6th Grade Math Course

6th grade Math Course

All 6th grade students will be enrolled in the Math 6 Flex course

  • 6th Grade Common Core Math, with a portion of 7th grade standards and optional extension work provided for future advanced coursework in 7th grade
  • Students will have the opportunity to fill any gaps that may have occurred during distance learning

Textbooks: CPM Core Connections 1 (Selected lessons from Chapters 1- 9) & CPM Core Connections 2 (Selected lessons from Chapters 1 - 5)

Topics Taught*: Patterns, Multiple Representations Portions Web (fraction, percent, decimal), Probability, Arithmetic Strategies, Area, Perimeter, Integers, Variables and Ratios, Multiplying Fractions and Area, Division, Building Expressions, Rates and Operations, Statistics and Multiplication Equations, Volume,  Percents, Fractions and Integer Addition, Problem Solving

*ALL students will engage in personalized learning designed to fill gaps and/or extend learning beyond the course topics.


More information can be found at: https://www.cusdk8.org/Page/378