ParentVUE Parent Portal

  • ParentVUE is a web portal that allows our parents access to their child’s current information.  This may include access to attendance, grades, communication with teachers, and more.  

    Parents will need to register for a ParentVUE account using an activation key. An activation key is available from your school secretary. At this time, activating your ParentVUE account must be done on a laptop or desktop, not in a mobile browser.

    ParentVUE Login:


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: My child attends elementary school at CUSD, why can't I find the report card in ParentVUE?

    Report cards for students in grades TK - 5th can be found under the "Documents Tab" in ParentVUE not the "Report Card" tab. Please click here for detailed instructions. 


    Question: I'm being asked for an activation key, how do I get an activation key?

    You received an email with an activation key. If you no longer have access to that email you can still use ParentVUE. At the login screen enter the email that the District has on file for you as your User Name and click on the "Forgot your password" link. Follow the directions in the email you receive, see below for details.

    If you did not receive an activation key, please check with your school secretary. Please note that the activation key may not be entered on a mobile browser, you must use a laptop or desktop at this time.

    Question: What do I do if I forgot my password? 

    Click on the "Forgot your password?" link.

    ParentVUE Forgot Password


    Select "Forgot Your Password? Click Here", enter your primary email address or user name, and you will be emailed a link to change your password. If you have lost access to the primary email account, you will need to go to your child’s school and get a new activation code.

    ParentVUE Password Reset Request

    Question: I clicked on "Forgot your password" in ParentVUE and never received an email response? What do I do?

    First, check to be sure you are using the primary email account that you used when activation your ParentVUE account.

    Second, in order to access your CUSD ParentVUE account, you must go to the Cupertino Union School District ParentVUE Portal:

    Question: What email address is the ParentVUE "Forgot your password" email sent from?

    The email will come from Please make sure it has not been blocked or categorized as spam from your personal email provider.

    Sample email:

    date: Jan 15, 2019, 4:12 PM
    subject: Cupertino Union School District ParentVUE Password

    Thank you User for using the Cupertino Union School District ParentVUE to stay involved in your child's education.

    Your login credentials are:
    User ID:
    Password: Click here to change password.

    Please click on this CUSD Parent Portal to access your child's school activities.

    If you have any further questions please contact your school site personnel.

    Thank you,
    Cupertino Union School District

    Question: What do I do if I forgot my username?

    Try your primary e-mail address. If that doesn't work, please contact your school site.

    Question: If I have more than one student enrolled in the district, will I need to set up an account for each student?

    No, if you are unable to see all of your students, please contact the school where the student is missing.

    Question: Why can't I see my child's Test History?

    If you are using the ParentVUE app, Test History is not available at this time; it is available by logging in from a laptop or desktop.

    Question: I was able to see my scores before but now get a message that they are not available?

    In the UserID field on the login screen enter clearcache and press return. When you log back in with your UserID you should be able to see the scores again.

    Question: How do I make sense of the scores I see in test history?

    View this page about testing and assessment.

    Question: My child recently took the ELPAC. Why am I unable to see my child's ELPAC score?

    ELPAC scores are not posted until we receive the official score from the state.  

    Question: How do I find my child's State Student Identifier (SSID)?

    Here are instructions on how to find your child's SSID