Student Data Privacy

  • Maintaining student privacy is taken very seriously and each one of us plays a role in protecting personally identifiable student information.  CUSD has an internal process to review software, services, and sites used by teachers to make sure they legally abide by federal and state laws.  

    Student Data protections are governed by the following federal laws:

    • AB 1584 / EC 49073.1 - Privacy of Pupil Records
    • CIPA - Children's Internet Protection Act
    • COPPA - Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
    • FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    • SOPIPA- Student Online Personal Information Protection Act

    CUSD is part of the California Student Privacy Alliance, an organization which has created an unified agreement for vendors and school districts to enter into to protect student data.  CUSD uses the California Student Data Privacy Agreement.

Planned Absence Request Form

  • The District does not support the practice of taking trips/vacations on school days. Absences due to family trips are unexcused unless the absence is pre-arranged and a short-term independent study contract has been approved by the school principal. 

    Report of Absence form should be filled out by the parent/guardian for any planned student absences. The school will work with parents to determine if the planned student absence is considered an excused or unexcused absence. Report of Absence forms are available here: English  |   Chinese  |  Hebrew  |  Japanese  |  Spanish.

    More information can be found on the District Attendance Policy webpage. 

Request for Student Records

  • To receive a copy of your student's school records, please complete the Request for Student Records Form and turn it in to the Lawson front office. There will be a processing period of five (5) school days. 

    Records can only be released to the student's parent or guardian. The requester will be required to show a Driver's License or picture ID.