Mission Statement

  • CLIP's (Cupertino Language Immersion Program) mission is to prepare students to live and compete in a global and culturally diverse workplace by providing instruction in both Mandarin and English. The program instills curiosity, intellectual flexibility, and a lifelong enjoyment of learning in our children.


    • Provide CLIP students the opportunity to develop high levels of proficiency in understanding, speaking, reading, writing, and communicating in Mandarin.
    • Communicate effectively in both languages, and achieve proficiency in all academic subjects that will meet or exceed district guidelines.
    • Develop in the students an international perspective and appreciation for cultural diversity. This program is based on a model where the target language, Mandarin, is a vehicle of instruction, not the focus.

CLIP Program

  • Students in the CLIP program take two courses in Mandarin (30%) and five courses in English (70%).

    A typical schedule includes the following classes:

    Physical Education
    Social Studies in Mandarin
    Language Arts
    Elective Course

    For more information about the CLIP program:  CLIP PROGRAM

    For information about the CLIPCO organization:  CLIPCO

    General Enrollment