Learner Focused Classroom

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    The Learner Focused Classroom

    The Learner Focused Classroom is a community where ALL students experience authentic tasks that provide opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and self-assessment.  This model, developed in 2015, serves as a guide to help identify what we want to see in our classrooms.

    The Learner Focused Classroom consists of the following: 

    • Opportunity for Innovation
      • Students create original work for personal and group expression
      • Students apply existing knowledge to generate and connect new ideas across content areas

    Opportunity for Innovation example - Maker Space Overview:

    • Voice
      • Students engage in discourse throughout the day using academic language with classmates and experts beyond the classroom
      • Students contribute to classroom culture and school community

                                    Student Voice example - Social Media Overview:


    • Choice
      • Students have opportunities to engage in inquiry-based learning
      • Students are encouraged to decide how to share their thinking and learning

    • Critical Thinkers
      • Students challenge and question what they see
      • Students are able to justify their approach to rigorous tasks with evidence

    • Problem Solvers
      • Students will persevere in relevant and challenging tasks
      • Students will use effective and efficient strategies to meet learning outcomes
        • Problem Solvers example - C-Lab Overview:

    • Self-Assessment
      • Students set goals and monitor their progress over time in effort to meet clear learning targets
      • Students can reflect on their learning and identify next steps
        • Self-Assessment example - Literably Overview: