Updates for Phase 3

  • Phase 3 Kick-Off Information


    Dear Mustangs and Parents,

    Thank you for your patience as we prepare information for the next phase of this school year- Phase 3/Hybrid.  We are thrilled that our Miller students and families have had the option to choose to learn from home or return to campus. Please read this information about our plans to kick off hybrid learning on April 5th.  All of the information below is available on the Distance Learning/Hybrid Hub at this link

    Information for Hybrid and Distance Learning Parents/Students:

    Campus Preparation Days 4/1 & 4/2:

    These are campus preparation days. Hybrid and Distance Learning students will have a check-in with their 1st and 4th period teachers in a synchronous meet. There will be no other classes or office hours on these days. The rest of the student day will be asynchronous/independent work. 

    June 7 & 8th:  The final two days of school will likely have a unique schedule so that we can collect materials, host a virtual promotion ceremony, and finish up end of year activities. A schedule and plans for those days for Hybrid and Distance Learners will be forthcoming. 

    Student Nutrition: Weekly meal pick up is available every Wednesday at no cost for children 18 years and under from  11:00 am to 12:00 pm in the DiNapoli Parking Lot.  


    Information for Hybrid Learning Parents/Students:


    Hybrid students are expected to be in person. If your student is unable to attend in person school, please contact the Miller absence line. Student attendance is required and will be taken by teachers daily. To report your student's absence, email kan_jeniffer@cusdk8.org or call the Absence Line at 408-252-3755 and press 6 when prompted. Please make sure to give the following information:

    • YOUR name, relationship to the student and contact information 
    • Your STUDENT'S first and last name (please SPELL out the names) and grade level 
    • Date and reason for the absence

    Student Nutrition

    • In person learners will have the option to take a free meal during the Brunch time for consumption on campus. The menu is available online: cusdk8nutrition.com
    • If students do not want the free meal, they may bring their own snack. There are no drop offs at snack time. Do not attempt to pass them food at the gates. 
    • There will not be any eating or drinking in classrooms.  If students need to drink water during class time, they will need to step outside of the classroom to do so.


    Daily Expectations

    • Staff will enforce The Big Three:  Wear A Mask, Social Distancing, Hand Hygiene 
    • Students will practice hand hygiene before entering any classroom.
    • If medication is needed at school, please have your student bring during orientation. 
    • No water fountains will be available. Students must bring a labeled water bottle.
    • No Parents/Visitors on campus. 
    • If your child has a midday medical appointment, please keep him/her in Distance Learning for the day and call the absence line to inform the office.
    • Parents who need to access the office should schedule an appointment.
    • No materials/lunch drop offs will be accepted at the office. Do not attempt to pass items to your student at the fence.  


    Daily Symptom Check

    Families are responsible for symptom screening their child each morning before school using this checklist.  If your child answered “yes” to any of the symptoms on the checklist, please remain at home and notify MMS of the absence.


    Suspected/Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 

    • Notify the school immediately if a child attending school or family member has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or if a student has been exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19 (less than 6-feet for more than 15 min).
    • Undergo testing if you suspect your child or a household member has COVID-19 and await test results from home and follow SCCPHD Home Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines.
    • COVID-19 Positive Cases will result in contact tracing and exposure notification 
    • Students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms during the day will be moved to an isolation area. Parents will be contacted, and their child must be picked up from the campus immediately.  
    • If there is any occasion where you suspect exposure or symptoms, keep your child home and log in to classes in Distance Learning.



    • In almost all classes, teachers will be on campus providing instruction. 
    • Teachers will teach Hybrid students and those in Distance Learning simultaneously
    • Students will be provided a device, but may bring their own device to campus (ipad and chromebook only).
    • Students may utilize a headset in some classes. We recommend that students bring their own headsets.
    • PE classes will be outdoors as much as possible.  Students will not be changing into PE uniforms, so they are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and athletic shoes on the day when they have PE scheduled. Students are also required to wear masks during PE class.
    • Students may participate in meets, projects, or hands on activities. It will vary by discipline and it will evolve. Teachers, students and parents must be flexible and patient as we develop this new way of learning in our school.



    • Students must remain 6ft distance from other students upon entering and exiting campus.
    • Students will report directly to their classrooms to practice hand hygiene and find their assigned seat.
    • Bike cages will be open for students to park their bikes. Students should bring their own locks. 


    Student Orientation

    Hybrid Student Meeting/Webinar:  All in person learners are invited to a webinar with Mrs. Steele and Mr. Marquez on Friday, 4/2 at 1:30pm. This is the webinar link: https://cusdk8.zoom.us/s/84951487626?pwd=VVQ2SkJpZ2NoQmhmdE5iT2tMcGxiQT09


    In Person Orientation:

    • Group A will report to Miller for in person orientation on April 5th from 1:45-3:00pm to their second period class. On April 6th, they will report to campus for school for their first hybrid day. They will report to school on Mondays and Tuesdays until May 3rd. 
    • Group B will report to Miller for in person orientation on April 8th from 1:45-3:00pm to their second period class. On April 9th, they will report to campus for school for their first hybrid day. Then, they will report to school on Thursdays and Fridays until May 3rd.
    • Starting on May 3rd, in person learners will report to campus on M, T, Th, and F.


    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions.


    Amy Steele, Principal

    Alvin Marquez, Assistant Principal