Saving documents from your CUSD School Google Drive

    • Organize the documents, slides, and sheets (referred to collectively as documents) that you wish to save from your school account into your personal 
      1. Create folders and name the folders for easy moving and searching.
      2. Move your documents to those folders (right-click popup the selected items or use the 3-dots menu.)
      3. You may not be able to save documents that you are not the Owner of-you may have to make a copy first, then add it to your folder(s).
    • Depending upon how many documents and how large each document is the process of sharing or downloading will take time.
      1. Selecting a few folders at a time will allow you to take breaks when necessary.
      2. Your computer will function more efficiently during this process if you do not have other windows open or applications running.
    • Listed below is the recommended method for saving your documents from your school Google Account. You may know of others.
      1. You will not be able to simply share your files with a personal Google account because we cannot transfer ownership of schoolwork outside the CUSD Google Domain. 
      2. The most direct method is downloading your documents to an external drive or to the hard drive of your personal computer.
    • External Drive/Computer Hard Drive This method creates a zip file (or several-depending upon size) which you will need to open to reveal your documents.
      1. Select-(highlight) your documents, then Download (right click the list or use the 3 dots menu) your documents to a computer.
      2. If your external drive is connected to your computer, it should be a selectable download location for this purpose.
      3. You may wish to just download the zip file(s) to your computer.
      4. Do not try to download all files at one time. It will take more time than you think.
    • Notes for students who are leaving the district.
      1. Graduated students have until September 1 of their graduating year to download data from Google Drive.  After September 1, student accounts will be suspended.  On January 1, student accounts will be deleted.
      2. Students who transfer out of the district will have their Google accounts suspended the day after they leave CUSD.  Accounts will be deleted at the end of that school year. 
      3. If your student requires access to their account after it has been suspended, email the information listed below to: account_recovery@cusdk8.org
        • Parent email on record with CUSD
        • Student ID number
        • Home Phone number on record with CUSD

    ***Eighth-grade students--special note--email accounts will be turned off on the last day of school. ***