• Google Drive Transfer Information

    Eighth-grade student accounts will be suspended on September 1 after they graduate from CUSD. Their accounts will be deleted by the following January 1.

    For students who leave before eighth grade, their account will be suspended when they leave the district. However, their account will not be deleted for one year in the event they choose to return.

    If any student wishes to download all of their work they may do so with Google Takeout.

    •  This will only download files they are owners of - it will not capture any documents that have been shared with them. This will not make a copy of Google Sites. If you wish to make a copy of your Google Site on a personal Gmail account before you leave the district, please follow the following steps:
      1. Go to your current cusdk8 site and log in.
      2. Add your personal Gmail account as an owner.
      3. Log into your Personal Gmail account and go to your cusdk8 website URL.
      4. Go to Settings - Manage Site.
      5. Look for the copy this site button and make a new copy of your website.