About PBIS


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    PBIS is a research based, systematic approach to teaching behavior expectations, helping students gain a sense of belonging, and creating a positive climate.  

    PBIS is our response to the ever changing demographics in our area.  Students come from a variety of backgrounds, and while we would never expect a child to be able to do academic tasks without any instruction, we do not provide the same level of support behaviorally.  PBIS offers a systematic approach for doing just that – teaching explicit expectations in a clear, concise manner.  

    Additionally, our school’s PBIS team has worked with the entire staff to create our protocols, all with the intent of teaching positive interactions and giving students predictable structures at school.  Our hope is that, by creating coherence across the school, our students can focus on learning how to think rather than how each classroom’s systems operate and differ from one another. The implementation of PBIS is in response to student and staff needs, but simultaneously satisfies state education code requirements.