Google Drive Transfer Information

  • Eighth grade student accounts will be suspended on September 1 after they graduate from CUSD. Their accounts will deleted by the following January 1.

    For students who leave before eighth grade, their account will be suspended when they leave the district. However, their account will not be deleted for one year in the event they choose to return.


    How to Download Your Google Drive Data

    1. Move/Copy the files you want to save to a Folder in Google Drive (you can do more than one)
    2. Right Click on the Folder
    3. Select Download
    4. WAIT while it prepares the download.  Depending on the number of files, it can take minutes
    5. Save that file to your laptop
    6. You can now copy that file to an external hard drive or copy the files back up to your personal Google account
      1. If copying to your personal Google Account- login to your personal account
      2. Verify the 'google convert' setting is the way you want
      3. Unzip the file that was downloaded by double-clicking on it, this will create a folder that matches what you set up in Google Drive
      4. Select New/Upload folder and select the folder you just created
    • There is a setting in Google that either converts your files to the Google format or not.  I.E. convert a Word Powerpoint into a Google Slides file
    • Only "Download" one folder at a time- it's easier to see what you're working with


    Downloading Data from Other Applications

    Many applications have their own process for allowing you to download and maintain your own data. Contact the application owner for more information on how to download your information.