About the Library



     No Cell Phones, Food or drink is allowed inside. 

    Hyde Library is a no talking zone and should be used for quiet work purposes.

    No accessing of iPad in the community room

    Students are welcome to read a physical book or do their school related work.

    Reading of Online books (ebooks) or listening to the Music is also not allowed.

    Computers in the library are for school related purpose only. 

    The Internet is available for research only. No personal email or social media sites are to be accessed.



    Students can check out up to 3 books at a time. The books are checked out for a period of 2 weeks and must be renewed if the student needs it.

    Students may borrow 2 ebooks using SORA app (aka overdrive)

    Use your regular login: lastname_firstname and the password is your google email password. 

     Hyde students may access the library during Brunch and Lunch. To access at other times you need pass from the teacher.

    The Student's Google credentials is the Username( 6 digit student ID) and Password for SORA/Overdrive and CLEVER (a vast pool of resources which include useful applications such as Khan Academy, code.org, all kinds of library databases, Rosetta stone, overdrive etc- everything under one single click)

    If a student has any overdue book, he or she will not be able to borrow from SORA/Overdrive.

    Find the links for SORA and CLEVER in the Library Researcher tab, under library section, on the school website


    Hyde Library resources are at your disposal only if you abide by the rules and honor the privileges