Thank you for your interest in volunteering at West Valley Elementary School.

    You can read the CUSD volunteer policy and requirements at  https://www.cusdk8.org/volunteering    

    The process of receiving volunteer clearance takes time, and we appreciate your patience and early action at the beginning of the school year. Please see below the list of requirements for volunteering at West Valley Elementary:  

    The District contracts with The UPS Store #4636, a fingerprint vendor who invoices CUSD for application processing and rolling costs and charges volunteers only $32 (the DOJ’s reporting fee). Volunteers may receive services at the vendor’s office, located at:

    The UPS Store #4636

    2784 Homestead Road

    Santa Clara, Ca 95051

    (408) 247-4010 Email: Store4636@gmail.com

    Once you have your volunteer form, TB test, Covid vaccination card, and fingerprinting done, please turn in all the paperwork together at the school office. The fingerprinting form need not be turned in – we’ll hear directly from the district office when you are cleared.

    After you have turned in all the paperwork and completed the online training, the District Office will let the school sites know when a parent is cleared for volunteering. The school sites DO NOT call to let the parents know of their clearance. It's the parents' responsibility to find out when they are cleared for volunteering (please go to your classroom teacher or the school office).

    In addition to the above requirements, all volunteers must follow all CUSD health and safety guidelines as outlined:

    • Complete symptom check (video)
    • Maintain social distancing from students and adults in all TK-12 school settings
    • Practice proper hand hygiene
    • Volunteers may volunteer indoors and outdoors
      • 1-3 volunteers per classroom/indoor space at a time
      • Masking indoors, strongly recommended
    • Volunteers should check in at the front office every time they are on campus, and should sign in and out on the Volunteer binder.


    Fingerprinting FAQs

    Volunteer Requirements and Information